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Hélène Bonnet

Hélène Bonnet, Engineer in biotechnology and PhD in molecular and cellular biology, works at Sanofi since 1996. For 18 years, she develops scientific teams, assets and expertise in high throughput biology and pilots transversal projects aimed to accompany the evolution of sciences and technologies. In 2015, diagnosed with a breast cancer, she lives the care path and returns to work. Astonished by the difficulty of return to work, she studies the different steps, actors, drivers and breaks to better understand what makes the situations favorable or not for recovery. Eager to contribute and respond to the unmet needs, she built a team of collaborators concerned by cancer that engaged Sanofi to sign the chart “cancer and employment” of the French National Institute of Cancer. Consequently, they build an internal network made of peers and experts to find ways to better accompany collaborators of Sanofi France. Since then, she pilots at full time the program « Cancer & Travail : Agir ensemble » : sponsored by the French Presidency of Sanofi, it develops actions to sensibilize, diffuse practices and accompanies collaborators. To develop a pragmatic and scientific based program, she actively shares with Institutions, companies, centers of care and associations, in particular as an active member of the “Intercompany Club” of French Cancer Institute. In 2019 she obtains the diploma of “Patient Partner in Recovery in Oncology” at the University of Patients at Sorbonne Universities. In 2020, she joins the open innovation project “Working and living with or after a cancer” piloted by Le Nouvel Institut. In 2021 the program receives an Innovation Award from the French Hospitals Federation. In 2022, she is invited by the French National Institute among the experts called to propose concrete European recommendations toward “cancer and employment” at the 1st European Days.

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